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Elizabeth I in the 50th
Sherly/Janine UGH
Donna going back to her dumb life and forgetting
Nine just for one season

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107. Donna Noble Appreciation Week
Day one: the moment you fell in love with Donna




Talk shit get hit.

best delivery of a verbal bitch slap in cinematic history.


i think we found the opposite of nash greir


"Vicious" Leopard seal tries to keep national geographic photographer alive by feeding him penguins.


I hate the BBC

I Love You
Artist: Alex & Sierra

90,300 plays

harry styles writing credit }

I fell in love with a beautiful girl
And she still takes my breath away
I fell in love in the morning sun
While the hours slipped away.

Sometimes when I hear your name
A smile creeps on my face
And for reasons I can’t explain
It’s never out of place.

'Cause I love you
More than you think I do
And I love you
Now you don’t want me to
'Cause I love you
More than you think I do
And I love you
Now you don’t want me to.

You ran your finger down my back
And you spelled out your name
While we laid down on the soft warm ground
For a week and thirteen days.

And I know that it’s all so wrong
And you heard all this before
I didn’t call back and I wasn’t there
I won’t trouble you no more.

'Cause I love you
More than you think I do
And I love you
Now you don’t want me to
'Cause I love you
More than you think I do
And I love you
Now you don’t want me to.

Everytime I try to fight it
Everything just turns out alone
Maybe if I got my time
Then I wouldn’t end up alone.

I fell in love with a beautiful boy
And he still takes my breath away
When you left, it was the end of my world
'Cause I'm never proud to say.

That I love you
More than you think I do
And I love you
Now you don’t want me to
'Cause I love you
More than you think I do
And I love you
Now you don’t want me to.

'Cause I love you
And I love you
'Cause I love you
And I love you
Now you don’t want me to.





That thing that cats do that when they are being controlled by satan.






thomas brodie-sangster through the years 2002-2014

he holds the secrets to the fountain of youth i am certain of it




Guys check this out, I finally have enough beard to do that thing that turns you into an instant Disney villain…





you look more like Captain Hook had sex with Chris Evans and the God of Beauty was born

accurate description is accurate


okay sorry right now my blog is literally just random in the flesh stuff because i need to support it as much as my little sad blog can so if you don’t want any spoilers i suggest you try and avoid my blog for today but also if you haven’t seen this show i suggest you go watch it because its fantastic

A new passion of mine (Important and Spoiler-Free)


I just devoured In the Flesh entirely, and I’d advise anyone to watch it for very particular and great reasons.

We don’t see a show like this one very often : it’s an amazing project trying to pass as a simple one. With unknown and young, very talented actors that play it without ever showing off, simple sets, make-up, costumes and filming, the strength of this show is its story and its meaning.

At first, seeing the summary, you suppose it’s not going to fly very high. We’re all tired of zombies and it seems kind of weird to want them as humans, not fighting or being as monstrous as usual. It looks dumb and could backfire any minute. Well, it doesn’t. Not even once. And it brings the viewer at some levels of thinking about morality and society that’s highly unsuspected and absolutely brilliant.

It’s virtuoso, and new. With a cast of color and lots of very interesting female roles, and queer representations, without ever being caricatural. And I don’t even feel like inventing AUs or rewriting the story, because for once in my life, I feel like it’s enough, and I don’t even want to touch it.

And what do I see? That of course, this little gem is not even sure to have a third season. Because small productions like that, even on BBC, are never sure to survive (while Sherlock or Doctor Who can have plenty of time). Please, look for #SaveInTheFlesh and go watch this frickingly glorious show.

In the Flesh


Guys I get so sad when I even think of In the Flesh and how we might not have it anymore

I urge every single one of my followers to give In the Flesh a try.  It isn’t your typical zombie TV show, the messages in the show are 100000% real. The scariest thing to think about is that if this were an actual thing, I could see the world shaming them, rather than accepting their loved ones back into society. Just give it a couple episodes I promise you wont be sorry.

I swear to god this fandom is so small compared to what it should be.

In The Flesh is just SUCH a good serie. On Sherlock’s level, okay? Acting, music, script— BUT with a MUCH MORE RELEVANT plot— kind of like OItNB. I can’t really explain it. Just… please what the first episode. It’ so good. You won’t regret it.